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Adult Education -- Weekly Classes

A Deeper Look at the Parsha -- Wednesday at 12:00pm

Join Rabbi Dunner over zoom each Wednesday morning at 12pm for the weekly Parsha Shiur as he explores the weekly Torah portion through the eyes of the classic commentators.  The recordings from the weekly Parsha shiur and source sheets can be found on Rabbi Dunner's website. 

Paul Feder z"l Gemara Shiur -- Shabbat Mornings at 9:15/9:30am

לע''נ פנחס אליהו בן שמשון הלוי

Join Rabbi Dunner for his Gemara shiur on Shabbat mornings 45 minutes before Shacharit

Exploring Halacha Pre-Mincha Shiur -- Shabbat Afternoons, 35 minutes before Mincha

Join Chazzan Nati Baram every Shabbat afternoon 35 minutes before mincha as he explores an interesting topic of Jewish law with the aid of ancient and contemporary texts.

Tzurva M'Rabanan Study Group -- Monday Evenings following Mincha, approx 5:15pm

The focus of the group is to explore Halacha using a unique curriculum tool that was developed in Israel called Tzurva M'Rabanan.  It is a systematic and concise learning method, from the Talmudic source through modern day Halachit application.   Taught by Chazzan Nati Baram 

Sat, May 28 2022 27 Iyyar 5782