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About Us

Our synagogue has served the Jewish community of Beverly Hills since 1991, as a center for prayer, learning and charity. Originally located in a rented space for weekends, and in people’s homes during the week, the community finally dedicated its new synagogue and community center in February 2012. Our state-of-the-art building is the first newly constructed synagogue in Beverly Hills in over 50 years.

Our mission is to create a warm, welcoming, non-judgmental environment for every Jew. We are a Modern-Orthodox Zionist congregation that welcomes and respects Jews of every background. Our growing congregation is made up of 120 member families. We have a full-time senior rabbi, full-time chazzan, and a full-time administrator. Our Shabbat and Festival prayers are musical and inspiring.

In addition to Shabbat and Festival services, we hold daily Shacharit and Mincha/Maariv Services. Our shul regularly hosts scholars from a diverse range of backgrounds for special ‘scholar-in-residence’ weekends, that include Friday night dinners, Shabbat lunches, and special events. These weekends attract people from a wide range of backgrounds from within the Beverly Hills area and the surrounding Jewish community.

We are in close proximity to a large number of Jewish educational institutions. They include 5 orthodox day schools, 4 orthodox high schools and several kollels. We are also located within the Los Angeles community eruv, and have access to several mikvaot and many kosher grocery stores and restaurants.

As a community, our members seek to live a Torah based life within the context of modernity. Our membership subscribes to a philosophy of combining Torah study and practice, with a life that embraces the world around us. We aspire to create a communal and individual sense of responsibility among our membership. Our members participate in numerous worthy causes and activities, in the context of the synagogue itself, as well as the wider Los Angeles Jewish community, the State of Israel, and numerous charities in Israel and across the United States.

We offer regular shiurim, given by our rabbi, as well as by other scholars of Jewish learning. We believe that our future is directly tied up with the religious experience and education of our youth. We are therefore committed to providing meaningful educational opportunities for the children of the community. We have, under the leadership of our Youth Director, established a successful youth program, including Shabbat morning programming and youth based Chesed programs.

Our community is especially and deeply committed to the State of Israel. We look upon Israel as the fulfillment of the destiny of the Jewish nation after 2,000 years in exile. We actively support Israel, both politically and financially, and our membership is involved with numerous organizations that are on the forefront of pro-Israel advocacy, and support for every aspect of Israel’s continued success

Many of our members play an active role in the Jewish life in Los Angeles in particular, and United States in general, and serve on the boards of Jewish schools and organizations, both locally and nationally.

We look forward to welcoming you through our doors, and we hope you will enjoy your time with us, make new friends among our members, learn new things, and be inspired to be a better Jew and a better person.


Chairman of the Board: Lee Samson

President: Steven Dorfman

Executive Vice President: William Lopatin

Vice President: Judith Garshofsky

Treasurer: Jeff Gross

Secretary: Ruthie Kellerman

Gabbi Rishon: David Frankel

Board of Directors

Annie Baum
Jonathan Boyer
Cecile Gromis
Hillel Laks
Michael Novack
Stephen Samuel
Moshe Sassover
George Schaeffer

Year in Review Booklets

To get a summary of the types of programs that take place at our Synagogue, view our "Year in Review" Pamphlet.

YEAR IN REVIEW  2018-2019



 YEAR IN REVIEW 2019-2020

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